01.Author’s Preface

Seeing a row of flying geese, feeling a wave of sadness
How can I express the least with a simple “worry?”

Month after month, year by year
Watching the evil trying to replace the good
Is there really nothing we can do?

Raising hands, wiping eyes
With all the might, out burst the immovable vow!
The vow to demolish the banners of the devil!

Now raise the gonfalon of the true dharma
And watch it flaunting for the millennium to come!

— Pings Xiao

A master once commented, “Tibetan Buddhism as a religion is just like a diamond surrounded by the gilded garbage.”
I would also add a note, “The sparkling diamond is nothing but polished glass, and will fail any inspection.”

— Pings Xiao


All those who learn and practice the Buddha dharma must rely on Buddha Sakyamuni’s discourses that were collected and compiled into sutras to express his doctrines. They must strictly follow these doctrines to validate the way of dharma. Only with Buddha’s help, a Buddha’s follower can mentally touch the true reality, validate the prajna (supra-mundane wisdom) and realize Buddhahood-way. Anyone who does not follow Buddha’s teachings and yet dreams to attain such fruition must be a fool. That is exactly what happens in Tibetan Secret Schools because their views, practices, deeds, and attainments are not from Buddha Sakyamuni, but from the so-called couple-body buddha that was invented by their patriarchs. They treated the couple-body buddha, who appears to hug a female and enjoy the obscene pleasure, as Reward-body Buddha (Sambhogakaya Buddha); whereas such an appearance is actually a disguised ghost or yaksha (a kind of demon) rather than the real Reward-body Buddha. Further, Tibetan Secret Schools adopt heretical Tantricism as the way to Buddhahood and regard the practitioners’ obscene copulation as the Buddhist practice. They do not follow Buddha Sakyamuni who founded Buddhism, but follow a mortal man called The Lotus Born (Padmasambhava) and preposterously regard themselves as a lineage of the genuine Buddhism.

The Lotus Born was a man born in flesh and had a wife and children. Actually, the story about his birth in lotus was made up by the gurus (teachers) of Tibetan Secret Schools to establish his supremacy as a founding master. With successors propagating the story blindly, The Lotus Born is regarded as being transformed directly from a lotus, and thus named. But the truth is, this very man is not only as ordinary as others, he is also a heretic – all he has ever taught are the tantric (esoteric and heretical) practices of mundane sexualities. Buddha has taught in the sutras over and over again that all the practitioners of the three-vehicles must exterminate the attachments of the desire-realm. Surprisingly, The Lotus Born’s teachings cling to the very pleasure of lechery, which is completely against what Buddha taught. The Lotus Born should not be named as ‘the founding master of the Buddhist secret schools.’ Obviously, the Buddhist practitioners must follow Buddha Sakyamuni, rather than this heretical layman The Lotus Born.

Knowing that we must follow Buddha, rather than the heretics, we should further know that we must rely on the correct dharma rather than the individual person. The genuine Buddhist dharma is often categorized into Liberation-way (Small-vehicle) and Buddhahood-way (Great-vehicle), but the former is actually included in the latter. Liberation-way is to eliminate both the view and the attachment of self. The view of self refers to considering the mind associated with seeing, listening, feeling, and perceiving as the ‘everlasting and non-perishable self.’ The tantric practitioners strongly believe that this conscious mind comes from the former lives and will continue in the next lives. They misunderstand that this mind acts as the main consciousness during transmigration. That is called the view of self. One example is the very view of the thoughtless pristine awareness taught by The Lotus Born, who declared that ‘he was enlightened and had become a buddha’. After establishing The Lotus Born as the founding master, Tibetan Secret Schools further name the heretical permanence view (eternalism, which the conscious mind will continue forever throughout the next lives) with the Buddhist term and announce it to be the Buddha dharma. Moreover, they hype the heretical dharma, the so-called extraordinary way of ‘attaining Buddhahood in this lifetime,’ as a supreme dharma over the genuine Buddhism. However, that is entirely contrary to the Buddha dharma.

Besides cutting off the view of self, Liberation-way also requires to eliminate the attachment of self. When the attachment of self is eliminated, one becomes a respected arhat or pratyekabuddha who is worthy to be offered by all humans or gods within the three realms. That is the right practice of Liberation-way. However, in Tibetan Secret Schools, both the founding master Lotus Born and all the other gurus or dharma-kings regard either the conscious mind of bliss emptiness in sexual climax or the thoughtless pristine awareness in meditation as the true-suchness of the Buddha ground. Those are all traps of the ordinary mind consciousness (the sixth consciousness). They also misapprehend that the sexual pleasure is empty and formless, and also that the mind consciousness experiencing the sexual pleasure is empty and formless. So, in this case, they name it the ‘emptiness-nature’ of the Buddha dharma. Actually, it is a gross misunderstanding of Buddha’s teachings in the prajna sutras. For these two reasons, they are the laymen with their own views rather than Buddha’s. Based upon those wrong concepts, their practices are all heretical permanence views that make little difference with the spiritual soul in folklore or primitive religions. The mere differences between Tibetan Secret Schools and the folklore religions lie in ‘having the sexual pleasure and the thoughtless perception, or not.’ If such heretics of permanence view were Buddhists, then all other heretics could be Buddhists too.

In Tibetan Secret Schools, all the dharma passed down through their gurus is the heresies of permanence view; and their central doctrine is Couple-Practice Tantra (couple practice of copulation, practice through sexual intercourse of a couple). It is not worth following and practicing. A wise man will carefully observe and reflect on it, and then make a right choice: to rely on the correct dharma rather than the guru.

Likewise, the true Buddhahood-way must follow what Buddha have taught: first to find the eighth (Alaya) consciousness, Thus-come-store (Tathagatagarbha), then to experience and recognize the properties of Thus-come-store so as to bring forth the root wisdom of prajna (General-phenomenon-wisdom of prajna) and Later-acquired-wisdom of prajna (Specific-phenomenon-wisdom and All-seed-wisdom of prajna). By realizing the eighth consciousness, one can validate the true reality and attain partial All-seed-wisdom of Later-acquired-wisdom, called Way-seed-wisdom. One who has Way-seed-wisdom is entitled a bodhisattva of the first-ground. Only in this way can it be called the true Buddhahood-way.

But again, Tibetan Secret Schools have gone the opposite way. The reason is that they cannot find the eighth consciousness, which is the key to initiate the prajna wisdom. In order to match up with the sutras, they use the visualized bright-drop (bindu) in central-channel of the body to counterfeit the eighth consciousness in Buddha’s teachings. They also deliberately conceal their practices so that ordinary orthodox Buddhists are not able to see through the deception. In addition, they use the achievement of moving the bright-drop at will in the central-channel and among the five energy-centers (chakras) to replace the thorough understanding of prajna, which is used to measure the realizing level of the first-ground bodhisattva. As such, by fooling the orthodox Buddhists and the beginners of Tibetan Secret Schools, they make their followers worship them doubtlessly.

All the ancient and present gurus in Tibetan Secret Schools seek Buddhism by the way of visualizing the bright-drop in central-channel of the body. That is as ridiculous as trying to get bread via baking sand. Therefore, all the Buddhist disciples should follow The World-honored One Sakyamuni, rather than the heretic Lotus Born, should follow Buddha’s true teachings, rather than the heretical teachings of Tibetan Secret Schools, and should follow the Buddhist monks or nuns, rather than the lamas or the gurus of the heretical Tibetan Secret Schools. Otherwise, they will attain nothing from their practices.

Furthermore, Couple-Practice Tantra is regarded as a canonical practice in Tibetan Secret Schools. They declare that the consciousness without distraction in sexual climax is the state of stabilization for both body and mind. The sexual intercourse is used as the righteous meditative practice. That contradicts the four-dhyanas (four-meditations) and the eight-samadhis (eight-concentrations), which, in Buddha’s teachings, can be practiced by both bodhisattvas and heretics. It also contradicts Liberation-way and Buddhahood-way. Ironically, Tibetan Secret Schools exaggerate this practice of mundane obscenity, which originated from Tantricism of Hinduism, as a supreme dharma over the true Buddhism. If these kinds of evil practices were followed, one would be led to enduring transmigration in the three evil-paths with boundless suffering. It is absolutely not the correct Buddhist practice. Again, all Buddha’s disciples should follow the right Buddha dharma rather than the heresies of Tibetan Secret Schools.

The history of the ancient India has shown the rise of Tantric Buddhism with the fall of the true Buddhism. In fact, the expansion of Tantric Buddhism will lead to the decline, and ultimately the cessation of the true Buddhism. That is because the tantric dharma is full of heretical permanence view and obscene obsession with sexual pleasure – it is an earthly, desire-driven dharma disguised as the true Buddhism. Moreover, the tantric practitioners deliberately cover their worldly and obscene activities with the Buddhist terms and called themselves as the sangha (assembly of Buddhist monks or nuns). As such, the true Buddhism is progressively replaced. Once completely replaced, only the appearance of temples and sanghas remains and the content of true Buddhism will turn into a ghost-centered heretical way.

Although all gurus and dharma-kings of Tantric Buddhism agree that the practice of the tantric dharma must rely on the buddha’s empowerment, they advocate:

Follow the guru, then Buddha; follow the tantras (heretical esoteric doctrines) created by the gurus, rather than the sutras taught by Buddha Sakyamuni; and the tantras are superior to the orthodox sutras.

Tsongkhapa even asserted: “One must practice Couple-Practice Tantra with great desire, and it is a violation of the samaya precepts to practice without the desire.” Such kinds of practices and realizations fall into the obscene and heretical permanence view. The corresponding tantras, which Buddha has never said, are actually created by the tantric gurus throughout the history. Thus, if one follows the tantric gurus instead of the orthodox Buddhist sutras, and if one follows the tantric couple-body buddha manifested by ghost instead of the true Buddha, one will never realize the Buddha dharma. Therefore we can conclude that all the words and tantras from the tantric gurus are ridiculous.

There are many reasons why I wrote this book. One of the reasons is that, most practitioners in Tibetan Secret Schools are not aware of the fact of Tantric Buddhism and so are deceived and misguided all the way. Also, there are many famous masters of the orthodox Buddhism in Taiwan who crave to raise their own status via Dalai Lama. That has led many orthodox Buddhist monks and nuns to believe that Tibetan Secret Schools are the true Buddhism. Further, the prajna of Great-vehicle (Mahayana) is very difficult to realize even with long-time practice. On the other hand, Tibetan Secret Schools announce that many of their gurus have marvelous ‘attainment’ up to the level of the bodhisattva on or over the first-ground, or even Buddha’s level. Thus, the monks and the nuns who do not know the fact of Tibetan Buddhism are easily lured. Lastly, most ordinary people do not know that Tibetan Secret Schools are not Buddhism at all. Hence, people tend to blame Buddhism for many sex scandals occurred at the cultivation centers of Tibetan Secret Schools. The clarification of the above fallacies is a part of my reasons to publish this book.

However, the most important reason to publish this book is that Tibetan Secret Schools have replaced the true meanings of the Buddha dharma with heretical views. They claim repeatedly that they are superior to the orthodox Buddhism, and that they have the ultimate practice of attaining Buddhahood. In this way, they pretend the heretical dharma to be the Buddha dharma, and the heretical lamas to be the precious Buddhist sanghas. Furthermore, the Buddhist resources have been occupied in either rapid or gradual way through the tactics of adoring Tibetan Secret Schools and devaluing the orthodox Buddhism. Meanwhile, Buddhism is destroyed in a peaceful way without Buddha followers’ notice. That will make the tragedy in the history of the ancient India repeat: “Buddhism was ruined by the secret schools.”

Regarding the modern leaders of the tantric dharma, there come first Dalai Lama and Master Yin-shun. Dalai promotes in public that ‘the nature of dependent rising (pratitya-samutpada) is emptiness’ from a no-cause (ahetu) view, neglects the consciousness-only (vijnaptimatra) sutras of the third round of dharma transmission by Buddha Sakyamuni, and identifies these sutras as the non-ultimate dharma based on Tsongkhapa’s theory. Besides, he delivers the dharma of Couple-Practice Tantra in secret, with the view that the clear bright mind in sexual climax is the ultimate practice of attaining Buddhahood. On the other hand, as an orthodox Buddhist master, Yin-shun actively promotes the tantric evil theory. He advocates the no-cause view in Advanced Middle Way (Prasangika Madhyamika) of Gelug School. It seems that he speaks against Tibetan Secret Schools (about Couple-Practice Tantra), but actually he assists those schools through popularizing the no-cause view. In this way, he neglects the subtle meaning of Thus-come-store (the real cause of the universe) in the sutras of the third round of dharma transmission, and thus makes room for the survival of the tantric couple practice, which is still in the scope of mind consciousness. Nowadays, the two masters of both lineages propagate the evil teachings of Tibetan Secret Schools, with one in public and the other in secret. They both augment the strength of Tibetan Secret Schools, and make Buddha’s followers mistake those schools for the true Buddhism. Since their viciousness has great and deep influence, we cannot help but reveal the fact.

For these reasons, the secrets of Tibetan Secret Schools must be completely exposed, and the righteous Buddhism must be discerned from the wicked Tibetan Buddhism. Then, all Buddha’s followers and the public can understand the fact. That is why I wrote and published this book to reveal to the general public the wicked nature of Tibetan Buddhism and its deviation from the genuine one; thus we can guard the true Buddhism.

I make the comments on Tibetan Secret Schools in the hope that the heretical evil dharma will be removed from the true Buddhism, and all the tantric practitioners can return to the right way. Through this book, I expect that the Buddha dharma can become as pure as it was at the Buddha living time, without mixing any adulterated heretical secret teachings, that all the masters and Buddha’s followers can understand the real fact of Tibetan Secret Schools, and that Tibetan Secret Schools can be away from their heretical dharma. Then, Buddhism will be purified day by day, so that the true Buddhist essence will last till Bodhisattva Moonlight comes. If Tibetan Secret Schools choose not to correct their heretical dharma, they should depart from Buddhism and assert no relation to Buddhism. Then the holy teachings of The World-honored One will be safe and sound, suffering no interference from the heresies of Tibetan Secret Schools.

But regardless of my continuous criticism against Tibetan Secret Schools in public, the gurus of various lineages have no intention to correct their wrong and absurd teachings. By contrast, they continue their evil dharma, protect Tibetan Secret Schools from destruction, and plot to keep their heretical thoughts forever. Under the aliases of the orthodox Buddhist disciples, they brand me as a fake Buddhist on Internet to confuse the public, and make people mistake that this criticism on me are from the orthodox Buddhist disciples. Such demeanor is simply despicable and immoral, just like a thief yelling ‘Thief!’ to confuse others. The tantric gurus are so angry with me that they defame me as a heretic. However, they can only make a subterfuge to their followers: “The lay Buddhist Pings is an amateur to secret schools. We are not willing to condescend to discuss or debate with him.” In fact, they dare not and can not openly confront my comments on the Buddha dharma using their real names and addresses in order to have their justifications. Their accusations are really nonsense.

This is because the lamas and gurus who have practiced in Tibetan Secret Schools for over thirty years know well that the dharma of Tibetan Secret Schools is no more than a system which uses the Buddhist terms but has the content of the secular heretical dharma. It is not Buddhism at all! Actually, they also know well that they have not ever realized prajna and Thus-come-store, nor have they entered the bodhisattva’s dharma. But if they speak the fact, they will end it with attacks from all sides of Tibetan Secret Schools. Therefore, nobody will disclose the fact. Additionally, they are reluctant to give up fame and offerings from their followers. They would rather get offered and sustained by teaching the tantric dharma, follow the old routine and live on. Consequently, the tantric gurus all closely guard and keep silent on the issue about the internal secrets of the tantric dharma that I have revealed. They dare not make a public defense with their real names, nor dare they come and have private debates on dharma with me personally. They all know very well that all tantric dharma is just heretical earthly methods, wrongly designated as the Buddha dharma. And it is not qualified to represent Buddhism publicly.

Furthermore, the tantric dharma holds tight to the fourth pleasure of the obscene couple-body practice, and sets it as the final target of attaining Buddhahood. All the jargons in the tantras merely refer to this practice, without any other secret meaning. If each tantra of each school is explained individually, there will be numerous repeats in the discussion. It will make readers feel bored and meaningless at all. Therefore, I quote and annotate only the typical tantras so that readers can understand them easily.

The diction of this book must be clear and easy; and it had better be popular language instead of canonical phrases or literal allusions. The reason is that the practices in Tibetan Secret School are indeed ridiculous and obscene, so the outsiders are not allowed to know. Because secret jargons are required for their public teachings, there are many jargons in the tantras. If these jargons are not explained explicitly, the learners cannot seize the meaning when they read them. Without seizing the meaning, it is impossible to tell right from wrong in the dharma. Thereafter, the gurus of Tibetan Secret Schools can still make excuses and get away with it through shifting the focus and concealing the faults. That will finally block my work when I defend the true Buddhist dharma. So the diction of this book must be plain and clear, in order to make it readable and let the tantric gurus make no excuses. Moreover, because many of the junior practitioners in Tibetan Secret Schools have limited Buddhist knowledge, the diction of this book must be simple in order to avoid difficult terminology, and to make readers easily understand the true meaning of the book.

Besides, some of the jargons in this book quoted from the tantras are annotated with parentheses only, without further explanation in other places. If the text is explained paragraph by paragraph, the volume of the book will expand a lot. So the easier style is adopted. Thus readers can understand the book easily, make analysis according to the fact, and realize the evil aspects of Tibetan esoteric dharma. Then they will give up the untrue practice and return to the right path. At that time my goal will be achieved.

Now, before the publication of this book, I proclaim my intent and the editorial idea as mentioned above. I hope that all Buddhist practitioners, either the secret schools or the orthodox, will study this book and verify each point and contemplate it, so as to protect themselves and save others. Let all of us get away from the terrific retribution of damaging the true Buddhism, not keep negligence any more, and not follow the wicked dharma of Tibetan Secret Schools, so as to avoid descending deep down the wrong path.

A Bodhisattva-Precepts holder, Buddha’s follower